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You are here because you are proactive about protecting your health.
Protecting your brain is one of the best investments to preserve the quality of your life.

Interview with Australian brain surgeon Dr Charlie Teo

The Safe Headset Store was founded by a physiologist with the aim of informing people about the health risks of using cellphones and other wireless technologies.

A vast array of research links mobile phone radiation to the rapidly increasing incidence of brain tumours. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified mobile phone radiation as 'possibly carcinogenic', based on an increased risk for glioma (malignant brain cancer).  Their Interphone report showed that over a ten year period using your mobile phone for just half an hour a day can raise your risk of brain cancer by 40%.

We are committed to educating you and other people on how to use your cellphone in a safer way.

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The Safe Headset Store specialises in high quality radiation-free airtube headsets and handsets as well as shielding accessories for your mobile phone, which will reduce the amount of radiation reaching your brain.  

Traditional hands-free kits or bluetooth headsets can actually increase the amount of cellular phone emissions penetrating the head as the signal travels on the metal wire to the earbud, which is nestled into your ear right next to your brain.

 high quality
‘airtube’ headset will eliminate the radiation with only soundwaves travelling from the speaker to your ear. Based on the same principles as a stethoscope, the quality of sound remains excellent.

Please read "Why use an airtube headset" for more information.

Our airtube headsets provide crystal clear sound quality and are ideal for listening to music or chatting on the phone. Compatible with 
iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4, Sony Xperia, HTC Desire and a range of other devices, these headsets offer superior quality at an affordable cost ... and best of all - safety and protection.

What are the risks of mobile phone radiation?

Is your brain worth the investment?

brain_absorption_of_cell_rf.jpgProtect your loved ones, friends and family by letting them know … or by choosing to give a very caring gift.

Children are at greater risk as they have thinner skulls and receive 2x the exposure that adults do in the brain and 10x in the bone marrow of the skull. This is pointed out by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Studies from Yale School of Medicine and the University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health have raised concerns that exposure to cell phone radiation during pregnancy could be linked with developmental and behavioural problems. 

Carrying a phone in your pocket can also significantly reduce your
. Improve your safety with one of the radiation shielding cases - ranging from stylish to economical - available from as low as $16.95 AU.

***Click here to find out more about the risks of electromagnetic radiation***

Cordless home phones (eg DECT) and WiFi also pose a significant hazard as they emit the same type of microwave radiation as mobile phones, and are often used for longer periods of time. Evidence from Greece shows genetic mutations are induced by this type of radiation, possibly leading to cancer and dementia.


The Safe Headset Store is your one stop resource for information and products to minimise mobile phone radiation including CJ FC15 TubeTalk headphones, RF3 EnVi and TUBEZ Smart & Safe stereo air tube headsets suitable for most cellphones. Airtube headsets are also sometimes called 'hollow tube' or 'blue tube' headphones.
To protect your body, we also supply the stylish SilverShield radiation-reducing leather flipcases, the practical Radblocker radiation-shield leather cases and the extremely economical Signal Stop radiation-shield cellphone cases. 
For trendsetters, our Native Union range includes the radiation-reducing Moshi Moshi retro handset and slimline Solo handset (also suitable for Skype and VoIP applications).
The Trifield 100XE meter allows you to measure electromagnetic radiation, microwave and electric fields in your home and make necessary changes to your environment. The Trifield 100XE is calibrated to 50Hz power supply suitable for use in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe. 
The radiation-free bamboo USB keyboard and mouse for laptops and desktop computers are eco-friendly as well as safe.
All of our quality products are available to buy at affordable prices providing you with excellent value for money. Items on offer on this estore may change from time to time due to availability or sourcing alternative, better or extra products.
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You will also receive excellent customer service, a manufacturing defect replacement policy for faulty goods returned within 14 days, and complete privacy for your personal information. Your details will not be released or sold to any other organisation.0
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
The content contained within this website is not intended as medical advice. We accept no liability for any medical conditions or health issues for any individual. Our aim is to introduce you to the growing body of research which suggests a link between EMF, EMR, wireless technology and the many diseases of modern life such as cancer, autism, atrial fibrillation, infertility, miscarriage, ADHD, sleep problems & insomnia, depression, migraine, diabetes, leukaemia, Alzheimers, multiple sclerosis (MS) and many other conditions which are increasing rapidly in incidence these days. We urge you to also do your own research and form your own opinions by reading some of the many books on the subject, such as those listed above. For further information please see our About Radiation page.
We wish you the very best in your own personal journey to minimise your exposure to radiation.
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