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  • Protect your health with an airtube headset which prevents dangerous cellphone emissions reaching your brain.

  • Converse in style and in confidence that dangerous cellphone emmissions are blocked by these funky retro handsets.

  • Simple yet effective - leather pouches with blocking fabric on one side to protect your body parts from dangerous cellphone emissions.

Welcome to The Safe Headset Store

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You are here because you are proactive about protecting your health.
Protecting your brain is one of the best investments to preserve the quality of your life.
Here you will find products to help you use your mobile phone in a safer way.

Interview with Australian brain surgeon Dr Charlie Teo

The Safe Headset Store was founded by a physiologist with the aim of informing people about the health risks of using cellphones and other wireless technologies.

You can use your cellphone in a safer way and we are committed to educating and updating everyone on this.

A vast array of research links mobile phone radiation to the rapidly increasing incidence of brain tumours. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified mobile phone radiation as 'possibly carcinogenic', based on an increased risk for glioma (malignant brain cancer).  Their Interphone report showed that over a ten year period using your mobile phone for just half an hour a day can raise your risk of brain cancer by 40%.

You can help us to spread the word on this important issue and "like" us on Facebook where we post information on the latest news and research.

The Safe Headset Store provides high quality radiation-free airtube headsets, handsets and shielding accessories for your mobile phone, which will reduce the amount of radiation reaching your brain.  

What are the risks of mobile phone radiation?

Is your brain worth the investment?

Protect your loved ones, friends and family by letting them know … or by choosing to give a very caring gift.

Carrying a phone in your pocket can also significantly reduce your fertility
. Improve your safety with one of the radiation shielding cases - ranging from stylish to economical.

***Click here to find out more about the risks of electromagnetic radiation***

Cordless home phones (eg DECT) and WiFi also pose a significant hazard as they emit the same type of microwave radiation as mobile phones, and are often used for longer periods of time. Evidence from Greece shows genetic mutations are induced by this type of radiation, possibly leading to cancer and dementia.

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